1. …delicious Farm to Table meals at home.

    My husband and I have lived at Providence Point for 18 years. For that entire time, my dream has been to have someone prepare delicious meals that we might purchase and eat in our home. That happened to us yesterday (4 April 2018) and we loved it. We have each been working on projects for a couple of weeks. How nice it would be if someone prepared dinner for us !!!

    We purchased the Irish meal to enjoy last night… and ENJOY, we did. The shepherd’s pie was so delicious on a cold rainy night… just the right amount of seasonings… yummy!!! The soda bread was moist and so good. The salad was perfect with diverse fresh greens. You could actually taste each unique leaf and the dressing was a light perfect complement. ( My husband is already asking about the next meal and I am not even finished talking about this one !!!).

    All of that was wonderful, and so appreciated. Ah, but the blueberry lemon cake… I just enjoyed that (warmed up a bit) with a cup of tea this afternoon ! It really does not get any better than this. I hope that you find this meal program to be successful. We are ready to enjoy many more of your creative and delicious Farm to Table meals at home. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    Barbara Reul
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