We have what it takes to make your catering event a savory delight.

why-choose-us-v2It’s not just our world class catering service, our mobile kitchen that comes to you, our ability to schedule last minute events, or our friendly staff that is never out of costume or out of character. It isn’t only our fresh and locally sourced ingredients. It’s not even our work in the community or our passion for our Issaquah area.

Our clients come to us for our stunning reviews and our track record of no dissatisfied clients. They come to us for our reputation of having the cleanest and most design-efficient kitchen that the Washington State Department of Health and Department of Labor and Industries has ever seen.

Our clients invest in us because of our attention to their needs, our ability to customize a menu to their tastes, budget and event, and our dedication to serving them, even before making their food.

Our clients keep coming back for the food. Savory, unique, versatile—our meals are exactly what you ordered, and more.

We are licensed in 6 different Washington counties, and Chef Lynn has over 20 years of experience preparing and creating the renowned food that has captivated Washington by its taste buds.

Come for the reputation, stay for the service, come back for the food. With My Chef Lynn, you get the best catering service Washington has to offer. Fast, Fresh, and Fabulous, contact us today and schedule your event now!