1. Kenmore Food Truck Frenzy – My Chef Lynn

    You asked, we listened! Food trucks are coming back to Kenmore City Hall for two weeks, August 16 - 26. Experience different cuisines and enjoy hanging out at the picnic tables. From savory pies, to delicious pad Thai, take advantage of these new food options! The truck will be parked outside of Kenmore City Hall at the 181st St entrance. While parking is limited, parking is available on the north…Read More

  2. How to Choose a Caterer Part 2

    Don't rely on just any caterer for your event! When you need catering services in Issaquah, you need to make sure that you choose the right caterer. There are many caterers out there, and if you need help finding the right one for your event, you need to check out our latest blog. Keep reading to learn more things that you need to consider when hiring the right caterer for your event: #3. What doe…Read More

  3. How to Choose a Caterer

    Finding the right caterer is incredibly important.  There are many caterers in Issaquah, but not all catering services are made equal. Because the food is often the main event of any party, it is of the utmost importance that you take the time to hire the right caterer. The following is a list of a few things you can do to ensure that you hire the right caterer. #1. Consider your options.  As we…Read More

  4. Tips for Your Saint Patrick’s Day Party! Part 2

    Do you want to make your Saint Patrick's Day party stand out? Saint Patrick's Day is a big day for parties, and if you want your party to stand out, you've come to the right place. In our last blog, we gave you several tips to help you plan a great Saint Patrick's Day party. Once you've booked your catering services in Issaquah, bought your beer and secured your green decorations, there are a few …Read More

  5. Tips for Your Saint Patrick’s Day Party!

    Make your Saint Patrick's Day party stand out! If there is one holiday that warrants a great party, it is Saint Patrick's Day. Although the day originated to celebrate Saint Patrick and the start of Christianity in Ireland, it has turned into a holiday to celebrate Irish culture all around the world. Saint Patrick's Day is a big day for partying and having fun, and if you want your party to stand …Read More

  6. Catering vs. Delivery: What’s the Difference? Part 2

    When you are planning an event, catering services in Issaquah are always a better option than delivery.  While there's nothing like ordering a pizza or sandwiches to share with a group of your friends, if you are planning a real event, delivery just won't do. There are many advantages of choosing catering over delivery for your next event, and in our last blog, we went over just a couple of them.…Read More

  7. Catering vs. Delivery: What’s the Difference?

    Believe it or not, there's actually a very big difference between catering and delivery. As your premier source for catering services in Issaquah, we often find ourselves being compared to restaurants and other companies that deliver. Qdoba, Panera, OrderUP and UberEats are just a few of the names we've been compared to, and while delivery certainly has its place, when you are having an event, cat…Read More

  8. Why are Food Trucks so Popular? Part 2

    Food trucks and food truck catering in Issaquah have become more popular than ever before.  Not everyone liked the idea of a food truck when it first started to become popular, but now, people everywhere are falling in love with food trucks. In fact, people love food trucks so much that many of them even decide to go with food truck catering for their weddings and corporate events. In our latest …Read More

  9. Why are Food Trucks so Popular?

      The food truck revolution is upon us.  Food trucks have become incredibly popular, not just in Issaquah, but all over the United States. At first, many people thought the "food truck fad" would eventually fizzle out and go away, but it's only gotten stronger and more popular. Not that long ago, many people didn't exactly like the idea of their food being served out of a truck, but more and…Read More