Food trucks have been around for centuries, bringing food to people out of the back or side of the truck or food cart. Think back to your childhood, no matter where you live, you may remember hearing a jingle playing during the summers and begging your parents or guardians for their change to go buy an ice cream. Also, at carnivals and festivals, the food trucks made their appearance each and every year to feed the populace.
Their popularity, however has skyrocketed. Maybe it’s that there are gourmet food trucks and not just the cliched greasy food that would traditionally be at carnivals serving fried food food on a stick. They are no longer carry the reputation of “roach coaches” they did of the past. It may also have something to do with the publicity they’ve had from the Food Network and other food TV stations sharing about the high-quality food trucks that are abundant in different cities around the country. Food trucks have upped their game and people are on the hunt for them.
Large areas of street corners in large cities, like Seattle and New York City are now full of food trucks on a daily basis. People count on them being there. They come to events to cater for those attending conferences and concerts. They are still serving fried food, but many of them have taken the convenience of food truck catering and brought the “restaurants” to the people instead of having the people come to the restaurant. Each food truck provides food that is unique in its own way, creating a draw for the customer and putting great food in their hands and their bellies.