Don’t rely on just any caterer for your event!

When you need catering services in Issaquah, you need to make sure that you choose the right caterer. There are many caterers out there, and if you need help finding the right one for your event, you need to check out our latest blog. Keep reading to learn more things that you need to consider when hiring the right caterer for your event:

#3. What does their menu look like?

Always take a long, hard look at the caterer’s menu before you make any decisions. In addition to finding out which meals they offer, it’s also wise to ask them about the ingredients they choose. Finding a caterer who chooses to use local, high-quality ingredients means that you’ll get a tastier, more nutrient dense meal.

#4. Will they be flexible with the menu?

Do you have a specific menu in mind, or are you looking for a certain type of food? If so, you need to make sure that your caterer can be accommodating. The caterer you hire should be able to provide the food you want, even if it isn’t on their menu.

#5. Schedule a taste test. 

Just knowing what’s on the menu will only get you so far. You also need to know that the meal is up to your standards! The best way to do this is by actually tasting the food! Always schedule a taste test before you decide to hire a caterer.

Finding the right caterer in Issaquah is easy when you have My Chef Lynn on your side! Contact us today to get started.