A Note from Chef Lynn

April and May were GRAND! Dedication to the Community at Providence Point is paying off! I
have met new residents and more long-term residents in the past two months enjoying
conversations and great feedback which helps adjust to what Providence Point People enjoy
dining on most! Menus were created with this months first-week reflecting contributions of
recipes and ideas from Jeff and Mary. The Bridge Club ”dealt in” for June 20! Emails from Mrs
Ruehl and Ms Hetty both good and critical and a few more with the need for explanation of what
you should expect in your meals when you purchase. All meals are now tested and approved
by our fabulous Activities Director who knows your palettes so well!
I enjoy preparing small party platters custom made to your preferences, for instance, a early
afternoon gathering of four at Alice’s home was a pleasure create for her and even more so to

With the support of the Team at Providence Point (thank you all!) we achieved the highest Food
Safety Rating of Excellent for a restaurant . The form shows satisfactory as they dont have that
category or a door sign for a caterer but will in a few months. Thank you to all in our Providence
Point Community for your continued support in feedback and menu ideas! Call, email or better
yet come see what’s cooking in the Commissary at Our Place to share your thoughts! ; )

Chef Lynn

May 16

Fresh Farm Egg Frittata (Bacon and Onion)

Mixed Green Salad with Herbs and a white Balsamic Vinaigrette

Mini Cinnamon Roll

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May 23

Ancho Red and Lime Baked White Fish

Young Corn and Hatch Pepper



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May 30

Hawaiian Plate

Mac Salad

Asian Slaw

Lemon Cookie

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June 6

Chicken and Noodles

Glazed Carrots

Sweet Additions Pea Salad

Seattle Post Intelligencer Apple Crisp

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June 13

Spinach Salad

Chef Ben’s Meatloaf

Parsley Buttered Noodles

Sauté of Mushrooms Onions over Fresh Tomatoes

Cream of Strawberry Soup

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June 20

Jackie’s Watermelon Feta and Mint Salad

Jackie’s Wedge Salad

Chefs Asian Noodle Salad

Mushroom Potato Onion and Cheese Frittata


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June 27

Italian Roast Pork Loin

Roasted Zucchini over Firm Polenta

Tomato Cucumber Feta and Farro Salad

Caesar Salad

Vanilla Cake

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