1. Food Trucks of Today Aren’t the Food Trucks of Yesteryear

    Food trucks have been around for centuries, bringing food to people out of the back or side of the truck or food cart. Think back to your childhood, no matter where you live, you may remember hearing a jingle playing during the summers and begging your parents or guardians for their change to go buy an ice cream. Also, at carnivals and festivals, the food trucks made their appearance each and ever…Read More

  2. Let Us Make Your Next Event Delicious

    Summer is an incredible time of the year. It’s time for baseball, sunshine and, best of all, barbecue! There’s nothing like biting into a juicy piece of smoked pork or taking a huge bite of creamy, refreshing potato salad. The only downside to barbecue is that, to do it right, you have to put in a whole lot of time and effort, but luckily, you have My Chef Lynn on your side. Our food t…Read More

  3. Why We Choose Local Ingredients Part 2

    Whether you turn to us for a quick lunch or for our catering services in Issaquah, your food will always be made with fresh, local ingredients. When it comes to our ingredients, local is the name of the game. If you haven't already, check out our latest blog to learn about the first few reasons why we always use local ingredients. Keep reading to learn about a few more reasons that we choose to on…Read More

  4. Questions to Ask a Potential Caterer Part 2

    There are many caterers out there, but not all of them are created equal.  When planning an event, the food is often the main thing that people think about because it is the most important part of any event. That's why finding the right caterer should be your top priority. In our last blog, we went over a couple of important questions to ask any potential caterer. Keep reading to learn more quest…Read More

  5. Catering vs. Delivery: What’s the Difference?

    Believe it or not, there's actually a very big difference between catering and delivery. As your premier source for catering services in Issaquah, we often find ourselves being compared to restaurants and other companies that deliver. Qdoba, Panera, OrderUP and UberEats are just a few of the names we've been compared to, and while delivery certainly has its place, when you are having an event, cat…Read More

  6. Catering vs. Delivery: What’s the Difference? Part 2

    When you are planning an event, catering services in Issaquah are always a better option than delivery.  While there's nothing like ordering a pizza or sandwiches to share with a group of your friends, if you are planning a real event, delivery just won't do. There are many advantages of choosing catering over delivery for your next event, and in our last blog, we went over just a couple of them.…Read More