When you want the best barbecue catering services in all of Issaquah, there is no better food truck to turn to than My Chef Lynn. 

When you take your first bite of our mouth-watering smoked meat chili or our wicked smoked potato salad, you will see for yourself why we have built a reputation for being the best food truck for barbecue in all of Issaquah. However, we know that sometimes you want to make your own delicious barbecue at home, which is why, in our last blog, we started giving you tips for becoming a barbecue master. Keep reading to learn more!

#4. Give your meat time to cook properly.

It is easy to get impatient when you are hungry and waiting for your meat to cook, which can lead to poking, prodding, turning and squashing. You shouldn’t have to turn your meat more than once or twice, and if you turn your meat too often, it can prevent it from becoming properly caramelized. Squashing is also a bad idea because it causes the juice to run out, leaving you with dry meat.

#5. Drain excess oil and marinade before grilling. 

Excess oil and marinade can cause the flame to flare up, which will speed up cooking on the outside and turn your meat to charcoal. Draining excess oil and marinade from your meat before grilling will allow it to cook more evenly.

#6. Give it a rest!

It can be tempting to cut into your meat right after you pull it off of the grill, but by letting it rest for a few minutes, you will end up with a much tastier and juicier result!

If you want to eat amazing barbecue without putting in all of the time and effort, turn to My Chef Lynn! Whether you are looking for catering or just a delicious meal for one, we’ve got you covered.