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The world of weddings is constantly changing and evolving.

It used to be that weddings were held in the morning or the afternoon, a bit of cake was served and then everyone was sent on their merry way. If you have been to a wedding at any point during the last ten years or so, then you know that weddings have evolved into something much more than a simple gathering of friends and family members. The old rule-book has been thrown out, and now the more you can do to make your wedding unique and special, the better. One of the best ways to impress your guests and show off your personality is with food truck catering

Why food truck catering is a great option for weddings:

  • More menu options – If you have had a chance to sit down in a stuffy reception hall, you already know that the options they offer are incredibly limited. Generally, you pick a category (Italian, Mexican, etc.) and eat whatever is served under that category. At My Chef Lynn, we allow you to create your own menu!
  • Creates a fun atmosphere – Getting married is a lovely, serious matter, but the reception is all about celebrating your love! Food trucks help to create a fun, exciting atmosphere, that will keep your guests laughing and dancing all night long.
  • A budget-friendly option – There’s no doubt about it, weddings aren’t cheap, and no one wants to have to spend the majority of their budget on food alone. Luckily, food trucks are generally a more budget-friendly choice than the more traditional options available to you.

You don’t get married every day, so make your day as unique and fun as you are with food truck catering from My Chef Lynn! Contact us today to get started.