Whether you turn to us for a quick lunch or for our catering services in Issaquah, your food will always be made with fresh, local ingredients.

When it comes to our ingredients, local is the name of the game. If you haven’t already, check out our latest blog to learn about the first few reasons why we always use local ingredients. Keep reading to learn about a few more reasons that we choose to only use locally sourced ingredients:

#4. Environment

Industrialized farming and agriculture are, hands down, some of the biggest environmental challenges we face today. Not only does producing all of that food on an industrial scale harm the environment, but it has to travel hundreds, maybe thousands of miles to get to your door, which lends itself to a large carbon footprint. Buying local minimizes the environmental impact our food has. Buying local also helps to preserve farmland and green space in our community.

#5. Biodiversity

When companies have to plant, ripen, harvest, pack and ship large quantities of food, they look to plant food that is able to ripen uniformly and withstand every step of the process, which leads to very limited genetic diversity. On the other hand, the goal of local farmers is to have a longer harvest seasons, so they plant a large variety of crops.

#6. Safety

The more steps that exist between you and your food, the more opportunities there are for contamination. Buying local means that the person producing it isn’t just anonymous; you know their name and you can look them in the eye, which means that they hold more responsibility for the safety of the food they provide.